5 good reasons why you should have your practice appraised!

Gives a quick check-up to your practice to see how healthy it really is.
While it is easy to compare your patient numbers to others, you never really know their whole story, so how can you really compare?

Investment Planning As an owner of a practice, it is up to you to provide for your future. This will help with making sound decisions with respect to RRSPs, personal investments and tax planning.

Family Planning Sorry, a valuation cannot help with new members or challenging teenagers but it can help with the planning of trusts and education funds.

Knowing what price to ask a prospective purchaser When the time comes to take on a partner or even sell your practice, you need to know how much is a reasonable price. Plus, if we do the appraisal, we will show you things you can improve so that you can increase the value!

Getting rid of your "ex" whether it is a spouse or practice partner, an appraisal helps move the process along!
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